Hero-led business stall or fail! How are you leading?

Hero-led business stall or fail - How are you leading

There are 28 million companies in the United States. Less than one-half of 1% make it beyond $10 million in revenue. Only 17,000 grow beyond $50 million.  What do the leaders of these companies know that most do not? They know that “command and control practices” of the “heroic leader” minimizes the company’s intellectual capital, […]

How do I evolve from a Hero-Led to a Team-Led Business?

How do I evolve from a Hero-Led to a Team-Led Business

A company fails to achieve its potential when the Founder/CEO feels consistently compelled to come to the rescue, saving the day by making every decision and solving every problem.  “Hero-led businesses” are fragile and often fail because they don’t tap their team’s collective intelligence and capabilities. The opportunity and benefit of team performance is sucked […]